Mowing Services

lawn care landscaping weed controlToo busy these days to keep up with regular lawn care? Here at Denton Lawnscapers, we understand that you may prefer spending your down-time enjoying your yard rather than tending to the tasks necessary to keep it beautiful. Leave the labor to us by choosing one of our weekly or bi-weekly mowing services.

Weekly Mowing

With a weekly mowing schedule, we aim to clip approximately 1/4 inch off your lawn each time, and we always leave behind the clippings to fortify your soil. It’s important to keep a bit of length on your blades to ensure continued growth and guarantee a soft ground cover.

Bi-Weekly Mowing

If you prefer having your lawn cared for every other week instead, our experts will adjust our equipment according to how rapidly your particular turf is growing. This often depends on grass type, irrigation, fertilization, and shade coverage.

green grass lawn careReach out to Denton Lawnscapers for a free estimate, based on the size of your yard and how frequently you want it mowed. If you’re interested in other ways we can keep your yard beautiful while you relax, check out our full menu of lawn care services.

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