Aerating Services

Denton Lawnscapers is happy to help aerate your lawn if you have trouble finding the time, or have simply never done it before. Here are some benefits of adding this practice to your lawn care routine:

  • Healthy soil, healthy grass. Aerating your lawn breaks up dense soil, allowing moisture and nutrients penetrate more effectively. You’ll get the most out of watering and fertilizing with an aerated lawn.
  • Even ground cover. Aerating also allows for easier removal of thatch build-up, which can suffocate your topsoil and make the grass feel patchy or spongy to walk on.
  • Foot-friendly turf. If your yard sees a lot of traffic from pets and children, aerating keeps your grass resilient and promotes more uniform growth patterns
  • Post-sod upkeep. If you laid sod plugs on dirt that may have been stripped, aerating helps fortify your topsoil to maintain an enriched environment for your root system.

We offer free at-home consultations to help you determine when and how to aerate your lawn. If you decide to let our professionals do the job for you, check out our variety of lawn care packages, that include once-yearly aeration service.


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