Keeping Your Garden Free of Weeds

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    Keeping Your Garden Free of Weeds

    April 10, 2019 By Susan Ward 0 comments ,  ,  

    Denton Lawnscapers is ready to guarantee that your flower garden is healthy and weed-free. We’ve got some great tips on how to get rid of harmful intruders without compromising your beautiful buds.

    Applying Herbicides and Fertilizers

    Effective herbicide treatment is easy if you choose a fertilize designed to feed your flowers while it combats weeds. Many fertilizers are made specifically to discourage the growth of intrusive species without harming the greenery you want to flourish. There are also several types of weed killers that can be used for spot-treatment in your garden, as long as you’ve got a safe amount of space between the weed and the flowers.

    Off With Their Heads (and Their Feet)

    When it comes to flowering weeds like dandelions, simply chopping off the head (that is, the flower itself) effectively prevents pollenization. But keep in mind that, in order to prevent the plant from returning, you need to pull it out by the roots. Weeds are a hardy bunch, and they’ll grow back soon enough if you leave behind the root system.

    The Power of Spot-Watering

    Another handy do-it-yourself method of weed treatment is simply making sure the flowers are getting watered, but not the weeds. Just like with herbicides, this is most effective when there’s a bit of room between the two. If you’ve got a few weeds in the outer regions of your garden, use a watering hose to target only the flowers, and the weeds will eventually wilt and dry out.

    The Magic of Mulch

    If applied early, mulch can serve as a great preventative against the spread of weeds. Sprinkling the ground cover in your garden with wood chips prevents unwanted plants from sprouting by depriving the topsoil of water and sunlight. Mulching is an attractive, affordable option for preventing weeds from developing.

    Denton Lawnscapers offers great products, service and advice for your gardening needs. Let us know how we can help you keep your flower bed flourishing.

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