Best Vegetables to Grow in Texas

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    Best Vegetables to Grow in Texas

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    vegetable garden basket of vegetablesTexas, being the second largest state in the US, holds a variety of climates and landscapes. Due to this diversity, its topography is suitable for planting many different kinds of crops.

    America values its agricultural industry, as it supports the economy and provides an array of foods. As a suitable environment to several different types of vegetation, Texas is home to a large portion of the nation’s agriculture.

    Whether you’re looking into farming or simply planning a small vegetable garden, our north Texas region is a great place to begin. Based on the local climate, what are the best vegetables to start out with? Let’s explore some seasonal options and important preparatory steps.

    Seasonal Vegetables


    Green cabbage, carrots, and tomatoes are some of the vegetables that can be grown year-round in Texas, including winter. Because of this, they’re broadly referred to as annual plants or annuals.

    Texas cultivates a wide variety of cabbage in the winter, such as Chinese cabbage, Savoy cabbage, and Red cabbage. Savoy cabbage does well between January and March, while Chinese cabbage is best planted between January and April, and Red cabbage enjoys the broadest planting season of January to May.

    There are also several cold-hardy breeds of lettuce, so long as you’re facing a fairly mild winter. These include varieties that will be familiar to most, such as Iceberg, Romaine, Bibb, and loose-leaf lettuce.


    Early spring is a nice time to plant peas, beets, and spring onions. Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower also fare well early in the season.

    Spring is also a good time to plant lettuce, but many other leafy vegetables also do well this time of year. Kale, spinach, chard, and arugula will thrive when planted between March and May. For a few non-leafy options, you might consider planting squash, peppers, or cucumbers.


    Summer heat hits pretty hard in Texas, making it a more challenging season for vegetable gardening. Because they grown underground and are protected from direct heat, root vegetables are a safe bet. Carrots, turnips, and a variety of potatoes can thrive in the summer.


    Many spring vegetables also do well in the fall, if you live in a region where the two seasons offer a similar range of temperatures. Spinach, peas, and broccoli are two examples of crops that do well both times of year.

    For more autumn options, consider sprouting some of the bolder veggies. Garlic, radishes, lemon, and coriander are all flavorful options.

    Prep, Planting, and Harvesting

    Soil Preparation

    Before your start planting, good soil preparation is important to support a high crop yield. Soil is composed of organic matter that provides nutrients, and it can be further enriched with composting and fertilizers. Our experts are happy to help out with pH testing and recommendations for the best products to nourish your vegetables.

    Pick the Right Breeds

    All vegetables have a variety of subspecies available, and nowadays you can often opt for a hybrid that may give a higher yield with good pest resistance. Just like healthy soil fortifies your crops, there are some crops that enhance each other’s growth when planted adjacently. Ask for more info on this if you want to optimize the layout of your vegetable garden.

    Well-Timed Harvesting

    Harvesting your vegetables either too early or too late can significantly decrease the overall quantity. There’s a lot of variance from one to the next when it comes to the length of time between planting and harvesting. Be sure you educate yourself on the best time to pick your vegetables, to guarantee ripeness and optimal flavor.

    lettuce vegetable gardenConclusion

    With the right information on when to plant and how to care for your crops, you can easily enjoy a gorgeous, delicious vegetable garden every season of the year. For help planting a veggie garden or any other lawn care essentials, our professionals at Denton Lawnscapers are always happy to help. 

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